Medicon Valley Inhalation Symposium Workshop

Introduction to Inhalation Product Development

When: 1st–2nd October 2018, 13.15–17.15, 08.30–15.00
Where: Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden

All presentations are in English.

Day 1

13.00–13.15   Registration Workshop
13.15–13.30   Introduction, MSc. Lars Asking

Devices Overview (with Demo)

13.30–14.15  DPI and MDI, Dr. Orest Lastow
14.15–15.00  Jet, Ultrasonic and Mesh Nebulisers, Dr. Ola Nerbrink

15.00–15.30   Coffee and Demo

Drug Discovery

15.30–16.15   Pre-clinical Pharmacology – Translational Aspects, Dr. Karin von Wachenfeldt
16.15–16.45  Successful Inhalation Starts with Compound Design, Dr. Thomas Brimert

Inhalation Toxicology

16.45–17.15   Inhaled Pharmaceuticals and Toxicology, Dr. Karin Svens
17.15               Wrap Up, MSc. Lars Asking

Day 2

Formulation Aspects; DPI

08.30–09.15   Dry Powder Formulation Development and Manufacturing, Dr. Ann-Marie Lyberg
09.15–10.00   Solid State Aspects on Dry Powder Inhalation Formulations, Dr. Lars-Erik Briggner

10.00–10.15   Coffee

Formulations Aspects; Liquid

10.15–11.00   Development of Liquid Formulations, Dr. Dan Lundberg
11.00–11.30   Nasal Drug AdministrationProf. Stefan Ulvenlund

Device Aspects

11.30–11.50   Selecting a Device, MSc. Lars Asking
11.50–12.15   Human Factors – Aspects on, and Testing, Dr. Hans Lundbäck

12.15–13.00   Lunch

Testing (with demo)

13.00–13.30   Delivered Dose and Impactor Measurements, Dr. Mårten Svensson
13.30–14.00   Hands on

Clinical Aspects of Early Phase Development

14.00–14.30   Critial Patient Factors in Inhalation Therapy, M.D. Lars-Göran Carlsson
14.30–15.00   Q&A and Summary of the Day, MSc. Lars Asking

15.00   End of Day