8th Medicon Valley Inhalation Symposium

List of agreed speakers – Program under finalisation.

When: 9th–10th October 2019, 08.30–17.30, 09.00–13.00
Where: Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden

All presentations are in English.

Person Affiliation Topic
Dr Andrew Cooper Mylan Update on Wixela Inhub
Dr Dennis Sandell S5 Consulting No IVIVC and high between batch PK variability – what to do?
Erika Fredriksson Swedish MPA Regulatory aspects on equivalence PK studies
Dr Igor Gonda Respidex LLC tbd
Dr Parmesh Gajjar University of Manchester X-ray Computed Tomography: A non-destructive, multiscale and 3D technique for characterising inhalation powders
Prof Dr Regina Scherliess Kiel University Nanoparticulate systems for respiratory delivery
Göran Conradsson Ziccum Spray drying of sensitive compounds
Johanna Eriksson Uppsala University Isolated, perfused lung in pre-clinical testing
Dr Niklas Sandler Nanoform Controlled expansion of Supercritical solutions in Particle engineering
Dr Johan Bødker Copenhagen University Acoustic Monitoring of Inhalation
Johanna Husman-Piirainen Orion Solid state – relaxation of an API for dry powder inhalation
Dr Pär Ewing AstraZeneca Pharmacokinetics (PK) following inhalation of dry powder pharmaceuticals to landrace pigs
Dr Miia Riihimäki SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Drug Delivery to Horses