MVIC Training On-line

Dry Powder Delivery in Pre-Clinical Studies from a Practical Perspective

When: Wednesday 21 October 2020.

Time: 09.00–11.45.

How: Digital, on-line and live, via ZOOM.

To those who have registered, we will a few days prior to the training send out an invitation and a link to ZOOM-meeting and a link to where you can find the presentations (possible to download).

During the meeting, we will allow questions via the chat function. If the number of participants is low, we might even allow direct questions.

Price: 200 Euros.


09.00–09.45 Micronization, Conditioning, Solid State Testing and Dillution, Dr Lars-Erik Briggner

10.00–10.45 Aerosolisation into the Inhalation Tower, Lars Asking

11.00–11.45 Animal Studies Including PK, Dr Eskil Johnsson